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We've Launched... March 20 2014

And wanted you to know!


What began as a creative solution became a conversation piece at coffee shops, eateries and everywhere we were seen with what is now officially known as a Sockit, so we made it available for everyone that wants one!
Sockit [säkIt]: a form-fitting "sock" for all your favorite beverage containers including mason jars, cans, bottles and canteens...it fits! Keep your beverages HOT or COLD and your hands COMFY and DRY, in style.

...but wait, there's more! 

 This is the best part, are you ready?! For every Sockit purchase, we add one more sock to our sock bank for delivery to homeless Americans through our philanthropic program, Socks of Service (SOS)

Though we're not quitting our day jobs…yet ;-), we look forward to the success of our small business and look forward to making a big impact, with your help of course! Please help us spread the word, forward to your friends, like us, pin us and visit us at SockitWorld.com!
Sincerely and with warm feet,
The Sockit Team

(Amanda and Frankie)