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Giving back...

It's simple. You buy Sockits, we give socks.



We have work to do and it goes far beyond creating awesome Sockits for you to enjoy. We've expanded our mission of service beyond "business as usual" by integrating a gesture of goodwill for those less fortunate. Our bottom-line is only partially measured in dollar signs, more importantly we measure our success by how much warmth we can provide to those battling the cold through our philanthropic program, Socks of Service (S.O.S.).

Often we feel powerless against the daunting issues of the World, as our individual contributions can seem like pennies in a wishing well, but business presents an extraordinary opportunity to affect positive, transformative change in society, thereby elevating the role of business to aid in human suffering. When you purchase the products you love from companies that support the causes you believe in, you're voting for change with your dollars and your vote matters. It's a win-win!

We're inspired by the the growing movement happening in the business world, a movement toward considering people and planet, as well as profit and we've seen the profound impact we can have by integrating deep philanthropic roots into business. We hope you love your Sockit as much as we do, and that together we can make a big impact, starting with homeless communities across America.

The Koozie has been reborn, providing you with the most versatile Koozie around, and proving our Homeless with a little extra warmth!



Our vision is a World where success is defined not only by measuring units sold, but by how many people you've helped along the way, contributing to making the world a better place. Together we make the difference.



Our mission is twofold: to offer products you love and help people in need. We pride ourselves on innovation, quality, social responsibility and above all, employing a SERVICE-first philosophy with our customers and beneficiaries.