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About Us...

Sockit was inspired by a worn-out sock, the mason jar and a desire to give back.


Who knew that a sock with a hole in the toe would make it possible to drink hot coffee out of a mason jar, let alone present a business idea?! Well, that's exactly what happened. We fell in love with our new jar accessory and others did too so we addressed a few shortcomings in the early prototype and Sockit was born! Now we use them on cans, wine bottles and most in between. The koozie has been reborn! 

Our journey has taken us all over the World though we only have to travel a short distance from our doorstep to witness homelessness. Vast numbers of people are without basic needs. Homelessness is rampant but love is greater. It's out of this sentiment that we integrated a spirit of giving into our business. It's simple - you buy Sockits and we'll donate an equal number of socks to homeless Americans. We call this program, Socks of Service (S.O.S.)

We're excited to offer you a product that we love and use every day and with your help, will bring warmth and hope to homeless Americans.

Thanks for stopping by, don't delay, buy a Sockit and join the koozie revolution!

The Sockit Team